June 24, 2024


The Finance Effect

As a Christian and Humanitarian the Life Coaching Profession Bothers Me Greatly

Recently a friend came to me to ask my thoughts and opinion on a situation in her life. She was offered a new position in the firm she works for. It would be a whole new career change for her offering more money.

She was afraid that if she took this new position she might fail or what if she didn’t like it? We talked about the fear of change. What’s the worst thing could happen if she didn’t like the job? With compassion and support I helped her shed some new light on the situation. I didn’t give her any advice on what to do because I wanted my friend to come up with the answers for herself that will liberate her.

At the end of our 45-minute conversation she had came to the conclusion that she would take this new position and she would step out on faith. We hugged and that was it.

That one conversation would have cost her about 90 dollars or more if I had charged her as a Life Coach. I believe Life coaches have gone way too far with these expensive coaching sessions.

I have seen some life coaches web site who charge $120 a session with a three-session minimum. These coaches are charging these enormous prices for what a loving family member or friend can do for free. My grandmother was the best life coach in the world. She was old with more life experiences and wisdom in her life to write 100 life-coaching books. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and my mother has just as much wisdom and compassion as my grandmother did.

It is a sad day when people have to pay to have a compassionate person in their life.

A Life Coach is cheerleader, pushing you to accomplish your task, goals and dreams. Isn’t this what your spouse, mate, family and friends should be doing? Whatever happen to good old fashion tough love and advice to the people we care for. Is everything these days about money?

And if we have come to this point where we have to pay for a good supportive friend, shouldn’t this be at lest affordable. I know some people who need help financially but unfortunate can’t afford a financial life coach. Maybe if a financial life coach was available to them they could one day afford one.

Every one of us has a Life Coach Inside. It’s called compassion for others. Next time a family member or friend has a problem take some time out to give a caring listening ear. Shed a little light on the situation. Say a few motivating words. Be sincere and show your support. Help your family or friend work through their issues and come up with solutions.

Here are some ways you can start.

Communication- Have a deep concern about what’s going on with your family or friend life.

Empathy- Be kind and compassionate.

Motivating- Encourage them and make them feel happy about what they are doing.

Empowering- Empower them to move ahead and succeed.

Positivism- be positive in your approach and attitude. It is your positive outlook that spreads to your family member or friend.

A Life Coach enters a person’s life to help him live it better. Everyone has problems from time to time. It may be a lack of confidence, or a lost career, or a problem with relationships. As a friend, family member, spouse, or partner it is your humanitarian behavior that can make a different in your love one’s life. Be an encourager and a giver of life. Be a life coach.