B2 Hearth Rated?

Its not value the candle!

A B2 Fire Ranking on a merchandise does not indicate that products can be utilized for fireplace halting or fire proofing.

When we do a hearth hazard evaluation we typically make remark on fire halting. On a single the latest job we commented that further fire halting was essential. The client used a contractor who applied Soudafoam. On the tin its claims the merchandise is ‘B2 Fireplace Rated in accordance with DIN 4102’.

Our client then questioned us to up date our fireplace threat assessment as these performs had been completed..

Prior to signing this off we did some even more investigation to establish what a ‘B2 Fire Rating in accordance with DIN 4102’ intended. Din 4102 is the European Classification of building resources in accordance with their flammability. The Courses assortment from A1 100% non combustible to B3 Quickly flamable. This is what we located:

Ranking Degree of flammability Examples

A1 100% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
A2 ~98% noncombustible (nichtbrennbar)
B1 Tough to ignite (schwer entflammbar) intumescents and some large end silicones
B2 Usual combustibility wooden
B3 Conveniently ignited (leichtentflammbar)

As you can see from this a B2 ranking is not acceptable as a hearth stopping material and both a B1, A2 or A1 classification is wanted. The contractors’ supplier had assumed that classification B2 indicated a 2 hour fireplace score and experienced marketed the product to quite a few other contractors who had been wanting for a fireplace halting substance.

Searching for even more data on Soudafoam on the http://www.soudalusa.com website we found a list of the prompt uses warmth insulation, seem insulation and numerous other works by using are advisable there are no comments on fire insulation.

The statement B2 Fire Rated is certainly correct but seeking on the internet for Soudafoam and coming across an ad like this

Soudafoam 1Kb2 Fire Rated Aerosol Foam

I think most folks would believe that the merchandise does have very good hearth proofing values.

To make the subject much more aggravating foam with the right A1/A2/B1 classification is no much more highly-priced that the Soudafoam Item.

To sell some thing as ‘B2’ Fire Rated although factually accurate is very misleading. â�¨â�¨I posted this comment as a discussion inside the ‘Fire Threat Assessors and Consultants Group UK’ on LinkedIn. I received a extremely interesting reply from Gordon Alexander of Gordon Alexander Associates which I copy in entire:â�¨

Be extremely aware of the use of PU foams. They ought to be examined to BS 476: Components 20/22, BS EN 1366-4 in the scenario of linear gaps and BS EN 1366-3 for support penetration seals. There is a incredibly significant change involving Response to Fire PU Foams this sort of as B1 B2 and so on and Hearth Resistence to Fire PU Foams. Have a look at the ASFP Advisory Notice on Making use of Polyurethane Foams and make certain that they are applied as they were being tested. I have experienced numerous an difficulty with this – in distinct Hearth Doorway Installations. Employing penetration foam for sealing doorways is not a compliant set up… and vice versa of program. When utilised on doorway installations the backing ought to, in numerous situations, be mineral wool topped off with at least 10mm of intumescent sealant and all as for each suppliers guidelines and put in as for every test data. You are not able to just ‘bang in’ a load of foam – in certain B2.

I hope these remarks are handy and support make guaranteed the appropriate products are employed in the right instances.