Choose a Noble Profession – Become a CNA

If you’re compassionate and want to provide a healing touch, you can be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). CNA classes have been increasing because of the growing demand for Certified Nursing Assistants in various parts of the country. However, to be a competent nursing assistant, a certificate alone is not enough. This is a stressful job. Hence, in the end, it’s your love for nursing and compassion towards your patients that will help you cope with the work pressure.

Qualities Of A Good CNA

Before you plunge into this field, you must know that this is not just any other job that gives you a paycheck every month. You should not be in it solely for money. Choose this career only if you feel empathy for the ailing. Patience, self-confidence, maturity, and sensitivity are just a few qualities needed to become a successful CNA. In addition to these, interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a team play a crucial role in making you popular among the patients.

CNA training can help you hone your interpersonal skills and teach you about teamwork. It will also give you tips to handle stressful jobs. But, the compassion to heal will come from within. No number of CNA classes can instill that quality in you.

How To Become A CNA

Different states have different time duration for CNA training. The rules for testing and training are also different. Besides this, CNAs in different areas is known by different names such as Patient Care Technicians, Nursing Assistants, Orderlies, Nurses Aides, Home Health Aides, and others. You must find out what your area calls a Certified Nursing Assistant before you seek to enroll for CNA classes. You must also know that in case you’re hired at a health care center, you’d be required to undergo a background check (for criminal records), plus a drug test.

Certain local health care centers, particularly nursing homes, provide free CNA classes. Some offer “be paid while you learn” kind of training. Such CNA classes are suited for trainees with no experience in healthcare. The duration of classes ranges from 2-6 weeks. These classes are fulltime. Nursing homes or centers providing free training require you to work at their center for a fixed period while you train under them. Sometimes, they pay for your state test.

Another way to become a Certified Nursing Assistant is to train at the local community college or through the Red Cross. Such CNA classes run up to 6 months. It might take longer for you to become a CNA through such classes. But you’re better equipped with knowledge and practical training here. This is because the classes are intensive and cover a broad range of topics.

In order to get certified, you must take the state test. Your trainer arranges for this. The test comprises a clinical part and a written part. The former is crucial. It tests your skills as a real nursing assistant. It tells whether you have it in you to become a good CNA. The latter tests your common sense and your knowledge regarding whatever you’ve learned during your lectures.

If you can truly feel the pain when someone gets hurt, consider CNA as a profession.