Communicate and Promote Through Just 160 Characters

Short message services or SMS as we call it, has become one of the fastest and inexpensive ways of expression.

Marketing giants understand the value of one on one interaction to make new and retain existing customers. Communicating with the client is given much importance in today’s time and it is right too. Client satisfaction has become an integral part of business organizations.

But with the current economic situation, retaining a client is tough, no matter how content they are with your services.

Some facts and figures

According to a research, around 8.6 trillion messages are sent each year globally. More than 3 billion mobile phones are used daily just for marketing purposes. The messaging industry has completed twenty years but the true potential of it is being seen now.

Texting is most popular because of its compatibility with each and every mobile phone, whether it is a high-end smartphone or a basic version.

Communication is the key

Communication is the key for all healthy relationships and the same applies for business relations. To retain customers we need to interact with them, tell them about our services, let them know about what new we have on offer for them and other such things.

So what do we do?

Texts and calls are a big part of our everyday routine, whether personal or professional. They do have the ability to reach us at all places all the time. A simple text of 190 bytes and 160 characters has the power to reach a target audience wherever they are without assembling them at one place.

SMS is one of the most effective ways of communicating

You don’t believe it?

Let me tell you how regular interaction can give a boost to your organization

  • Regular connection will help in brand building
  • Sending out the promotional offers
  • Providing customer service
  • Booking appointments, sending timely reminders
  • Confirmation of delivery of goods
  • Keeping the brand in the mind of the customer
  • Instant communication
  • Safe, secure and fast interaction

With changing times of the web, internet and smartphones the marketing strategies also need to change. Today’s generation wants everything instant and it proves to be a perfect solution to instant promotion or customer service. It can be used in almost all fields of marketing, advertising, promotion, brand development and recognition.

It reaches on almost all the mobile phones

Sending a text is chargeable, so it almost always reaches the recipient no matter what mobile phone or provider they use. Even if the mobiles of the recipients are switched off, they are stored in gateways and are forwarded to them whenever their phone is powered on.

The high percentage of delivery is what makes the service the most successful form of communication marketing.

Almost all mobile phone users read it

The beep of an incoming SMS is rarely avoided by a mobile phone user. Every user opens the inbox to see it, anticipating it to be from someone known. This anticipation guarantees a look at the notification that you send.

Cost-effective way of marketing

Considering the high user reach and easy delivery there is no other medium that can compete with it. It is the most conducive way of communicating, marketing and promoting any brand.

Immediate response

Mobile users keep their phones with them at all times so any innovative or appealing marketing offer with an option to correspond back usually results in a quick response from the user.

Interactive medium

It can be either a one way or two-way thing. The business organization can have an interactive communication with its customers based on the product they intend to promote.

Less time-consuming

It takes only a few minutes to send thousands of intimation and reaches the consumer instantly without downloading or using the web.

No technology hassles

They are passed through a gateway through the internet by the organization. There are no technological hassles attached for the recipient to get them.

Reaching out to your target audience, all at the same time was never so easier or faster, that too within a specified limit of 160 characters.