Commute Time – Is It Truly worth It?

We wake, we function, we take in, we slumber. We wake, we operate, we eat, we snooze. We wake, we get the job done, we consume, we snooze.

Seem acquainted? Or did I ignore one thing? Oh indeed, the commute time we all spend sitting in targeted visitors, cursing the bad previous lady that just reduce us off.

In current years, commuting time to and from work has develop into more time — which, in change, brings about us to invest a lot more time sitting down in a car and much less time participating in physical action (specifically when several positions are relatively sedentary to start out with).

Right here are some fascinating stats linked to get the job done commute instances, and, particularly, how they have modified in excess of the earlier ten years:

Commute Time Stats

  • Normal Commute: Up 14% from commute time in 1990
  • Solo Drivers: Up 3.4% from 1990 averages
  • Early Risers: Up 11% from 1990, when this proportion a lot less of employees ended up waking up before 5am.
  • Early Commuters: Up 25% from 1990, when this proportion much less of workers remaining for function concerning 5am and 6:30pm.
  • Walkers: Down 34% from 1990, when this percentage far more of staff were being strolling to get the job done rather of driving or making use of community transportation.

All of these percentages sooner or later increase up to an elevated hazard of heart disorder, as perfectly as several other bodily and psychological difficulties.

When we’re rushed, we ordinarily do not arrive at for the healthiest meal solutions. When we are rushed, we also seldom obtain the time to training. When we are rushed, our anxiety degrees go as a result of the roof, therefore raising cortisol levels and creating it more challenging to burn up fats.

We are a country of overworkers, which might quite perfectly be the rationale why we are also a country of overeaters.

My recommendation is to reexamine your individual morning commute time to operate and check with your self, in all honesty, regardless of whether you are impacting your wellness as a consequence of your determination to restart the cycle: Wake, do the job, consume, rest. Oh yeah, and commute.