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Guide for the Best Shaman in World of Warcraft and Cataclysm

Guide for the Best Shaman in World of Warcraft and Cataclysm

There is a major benefit in being a Shaman. It is a hybrid class and can work as both a healer and DPSer. No matter which spec you choose, the right profession will help you become what we call “best Shaman” in Cataclysm:

1st Choice Professions: Leatherworking & Skinning
The easier professional choice for a shaman is Leatherworking and Skinning. No matter what spec they are, they will be able to make special gear for themselves. But the best part is this: they can craft leather pieces of gear for Hunters or Rogues and Druids and earn extra gold by selling it. Finally, if a Shaman combines Leatherworking with Skinning, he may become Master of Anatomy and can increase his critical strike rating by 32!

2nd Choice Professions: Jewelcrafting & Mining
If you are a Draenei, then you have a +10 default on Jewelcrafting and this is a great choice when playing a Shaman on the Alliance side. Choosing Jewelcrafting has major benefits, for example stone statues will be able to heal you and you could even place valuable gems, necklaces and rings that you craft, in the sockets of your gear. Think about combining Mining with Jewelcrafting. Why? Because you will get Prospecting, a skill that allows you to extract valuable gems from ores that you gather while Mining. Needless to say how many ways there are to use these gems! There is also an extra plus with Mining, a buff called Toughness that increases your Stamina by 50.

3rd Choice Professions
What about the rest of the professions? What can they offer to a Shaman? First of all, don’t forget that Herbalism and Alchemy enable all classes to level faster and also give you a bonus buff, known as Life Blood, capable to heal your character for 2000 over 5 sec. If you can pair Herbalism and Inscription, you will have the ability to make a variety of Glyphs depending on your spec, totems or spells. Shamans often stay behind and get no damage, so armor is not all that important to them. So, wearing the highest gear that you can craft with Leatherworking and enchant with Enchanting is always good but not necessary when raiding with a group.

Knowing the benefits each profession has to offer to your class is extremely useful in order to make the right choice. Risky or not, you can take advantage of these attributes and become best Shaman in Cataclysm.