Herbalism Leveling Guide – 5 Tips on How to Level Your Herbalism Fast

When you’re leveling your character in World of Warcraft, one of the most popular professions when levelling fast is herbalism.

The reason for this is that it’s a profession that can be done while you’re questing and leveling your character. While you go from your starting areas to level 80 and beyond with Cataclysm, you’ll be going past herbs. So you can spend a few extra moments to level up your herbalism at the same time. And unlike the manufacturing professions, it can be done without a large amount of gold.

Herbalism is best combined with:

A gathering profession such as mining or skinning

Alchemy – use the herbs you find to make potions, or

Inscription – make pigments from herbs to create glyphs

Here are some tips to help with leveling your herbalism:

1. Do your herbalism training with your trainer as you approach these levels. Gather herbs and when you get to these levels of the profession, get your training.

Apprentice Herbalist

Journeyman Herbalist – level 50 herbalism required

Expert Herbalist – level 10 character /125 herbalism required

Artisan Herbalist – level 25 character / 200 herbalism required

Master Herbalist (Burning Crusade) – level 40 character / 275 herbalism required

Grand Master Herbalist (WOTLK) – level 55 character / 350 herbalism required

Illustrious Herbalist (Cataclysm) – level 425 herbalism required

2. Use your minimap and gatherer addon

When you’re questing, use the minimap to locate herbs with your find herbs ability. Just keep and eye out and get the herbs as you seen them. Just realise that you may end up in combat from mobs, so be prepared especially if they’re high level or elite. The gatherer addon also helps by remembering where you’ve previously gathered herbs so that if you’re going through the area again, you’ll know where to go.

3. Use special gear and enchants to speed up your herbalism

There are some special gear that you can get from leatherworkers or the Auction House. These are the Herbalist gloves, which give you a +5 bonus to your herbalism skill, so that you can gather hers that usually require up to 5 levels higher in your skill. This is an Alliance item, so if you’re Horde, you’ll have to get it at the Neutral Auction House.

4. Here’s a list of the higher level herbs that you can get, and where to get them:

Frozen Herb – Dragonblight, Wintergrasp, north eastern Zul’Drak

Adder’s Tongue – Sholazar Basin, Drak’Tharon Keep, Gundrak

Deadnettle – from Frost Lotus, Gold Clover, Talandra’s Rose and Tiger Lily nodes in Northrend

Lichbloom – Icecrown, The Storm Peaks and Lake Wintergrasp

Icethorn – Icecrown, The Storm Peaks and Lake Wintergrasp

Frost Lotus – Lake Wintergrasp

With some of these high level herbs you can sell them on the Auction House for 50 or sometimes over 100 gold per stack.

5. Use your skills in whichever class you’re in to get the herbs efficiently.

This means that you should use your stealthing ability if you have them, eg as a Druid or Rogue, as it may be easier to stealth by mobs instead of killing them. When stealthing get to as far from the mob as possible to not aggro them, and when gathering the herb you will come out of stealth. And be prepared for your escape plan. You can simply turn into a travel or high speed form if you have one, and run away. Or entangle them to the ground with your entangling ability so that they won’t bother you as you move onto the next area. There are more tips on strategy when it comes to herbalism with your character.

So use these tips, and more, when leveling up your herbalism.

Herbalism as a profession can make you gold on the Auction House to generate income, and can provide you the materials for another profession such as alchemy. And when you’re flying in the higher levels in Northrend you can get herbs fast and get those rare ones as well.

So go for it and level up your herbalism and get some great gear and gold when doing so!