How Has Texting Changed the Way We Communicate With One Another?

It is easier for us to text our thoughts to the people we love in our life rather than communicating in person directly. We are really missing out on something great this way. What is it? Read on to find out.

Communicating with our loved ones by texting does not directly show our emotions and facial expressions, which in fact are necessary for both parties to strengthen the relationship.

Communicating directly and hearing each others’ voices really portray whether you are happy or have some concerns, which the other party is able to discern and therefore, show empathy. They can cheer you up in your low times.

Communicating via texting is almost robot-like. You type and send. The other party types and sends back. There is not much fun this way if you continue for a prolonged time.

You really become human when you communicate with someone in person. The words you say and the way you say it may alter somebody’s life in a good sort of way, which you may have never imagined.

Texting is OK when you cannot contact the other person you want or you are in too much hurry so that you just leave a short message which may be important for the other person.

How else could texting help you? It could help to give your family your whereabouts quickly when you are away from home and let your family know how long it would take for you to return home. That way your family is well informed and they are relieved you are safe and sound.

Texting could also help to wish others happy birthdays, happy anniversaries and seasons’ greetings. You don’t have time for long conversations but you do want to wish them on their significant days and so in that case texting is a good option.

On the other hand, meeting the other person and talking or talking on the phone at least with the other person where you get to hear each others’ voices enable your relationship bond to grow one level higher so that time and again you can call or meet each other to share life stories, anecdotes or problems. Yes, you do need best friends to rely on during high and low times.

Texting is so machine-like that love can hardly burgeon from it. Love blossoms when you meet each other, dressed elegantly and seeing each other for real and talking gracefully, hearing each others’ voices.

Therefore, it is really important that when you communicate with another person you should really consider whether you just want to text or meet in person. If you are willing for a promising relationship you should opt for the latter. In case you just want to pass someone a message without any intention of getting closer to them, okay go ahead and text.

Always bear in mind that lovely relationships are born from talking, listening, laughing, joking, touching and above all, seeing each other in reality.