June 24, 2024


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How to Be a Pet Psychic and Talk to Your Pet

People say that it is not possible to talk to animals but I am here to tell you that this is not true, we can talk to our pets and other animals.

Pet Psychics are experienced at this either because they just ‘have a gift’ or because they really wanted to talk to animals and have nurtured and honed their talents until they can reliably make contact. It makes no difference if the animal is alive or has passed on, the methods are the same and work just as well.

So What can you do? How can you re awaken your own lapsed talent and talk to your pet. You need to know what happens when a connection is made, most likely you will receive pictures, images in your mind of what the animal wants to communicate to you. Animals are known to communicate with each other this way, they are frequently better at this than people. Consider how often your pet knows exactly how you are feeling even if you try to hide it, they always know, whereas humans around you are easily fooled. Horses and dogs especially always know if you are afraid for instance, the energy you project is strong to them and they react to it.

How to begin:

1. Accept that you do have this talent but that it needs exercising. Begin by working with a pet or animal that is close to you, wait until their attention is elsewhere, be calm and quiet and send a strong image of wanting them to come to you.

2. Visualise the result you want, see the animal turning and moving towards you, keep the image clear and strong in your mind.

3. Mentally use their name.

4. Listen hard inside you, step into your pet’s mind, see them reacting to you.

5. Practise daily. Make your first move mental when you want your pet to do something, you will both get better at it quite quickly.

If the pet has passed over the process is similar. You need to tune in to their energy, be still and quiet, notice small signs at first, maybe an image of an event the animal remembers but you had forgotten. Feel their presence, listen and wait for those images to come and eventually send some of your own. Your pet is always there waiting for you. If you want a professional, tested pet psychic see below for help.