How to Farm For Gold in WotLK – How About 60-70 Gold Per Hour – WoW Longterm Gold Making Method

There are over 10 million people playing World of Warcraft and the number increases day by day. Since the latest version of Wow, the Wrath Of The Lich King was released the number is growing exponentially every day. But if you already played WOW then you know what’s one of the most important things in Wow and in WotLK too: gold.

If you are interested in how to farm for gold in WotLK then you arrived to the best place on the internet because not only I will reveal a kick-ass strategy, I will also share a secret of mine that I use to generate up to 500 gold an hour.

Why would you want to know how to farm for gold in WotLK? Because gold is used for professions, for buying items, for getting that mount and it’s like money in the real world.

So how to farm gold in Wotlk?

If you want to farm and make gold in WOTLK then you need to choose mining as a profession. Even before the WotLK release, the mining profession was a gold maker, but now you can make 50-60 even 70 gold every hour because the beauty of having the mining profession is that even if you have a low level, you can make 60-70 gold per hour. What I recommend is going somewhere around Orgrimmar, where you will find copper veins and use your profession there.

There are also other ways to farm gold, more profitable ones. One of them is the auction house method but these methods are not well known because the gold sellers try to keep them to themselves. The Auction House is the method that can bring you 500 gold per hour easily…you just need to know how to implement it right.