Increase Your Income With a Nursing Agency Business

Not only do we have a chronic nursing shortage, but it is continue to intensify for the next few years. U.S. Labor Statistics said that about more than 200, 000 jobs for registered nurses will be open every year until 2016. There are already 2.5 million existing positions. The problem however is, only 200, 000 candidates passed the Registered Nurse Licensing exam last year.

If we were to analyze the current situation on nursing shortage, we are going through the same cycle since World War II. The government steps in and interfere and hospitals work to improve and somewhat ease the problem. Nursing shortage will somewhat alleviated but working conditions becomes more difficult and harder. Nurses are overburdened with work and because of too much stress and pressure, they are driven away making them leave their profession.

Research shows that many nurses leave the profession every year because of bad working experience. They often suffer lack of respect and some of them are scared to report from work because for fear of being attacked. Some of them decided to pursue other professions and started to have their own nursing agency business.

Starting a nursing agency, nurse registry, nurse staffing agency, medical recruiting and Independent RN contractor are the most in demand businesses nowadays in the field of health care. By having your own nursing agency, you will have more opportunity and gain more without working over time.

Starting a nursing agency doesn’t require one to be a nurse or doctor by profession. Anyone who has a positive attitude towards success can start his own nursing agency business.