July 15, 2024


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Kiss As Human Communication

Kiss As Human Communication

HUMAN beings at times can communicate through signs and gestures in a relationship especially between a man and woman through deep stare into each other’s eyes.

The art of love and kiss is important in any relationship and if given space can amount to certain chemistry that ignites the flames of love.

We sometimes communicate in our relationships without uttering a single word.

Communication is important not only in love but also at work and other professions that one may find themselves into. Like in any profession, communication between lovers is important to cement their relationship and keep each other close.

The shapes of the lips of your partner and the manner they move when smiling, laughing or chatting can make someone fall head over heels.

Kissing has been perceived as a sumptuous feast and nourishment for ones relationship. It remains unclear how the action itself as non-verbal communication came into being. One things since time immemorial is that loved ones have been kissing since around Caveman period.

The culture of kissing varies depending with tribes from time to time. The Eastern people greet each other by brushing of lips in both sides of the cheeks and the Western greet each other by brushing lips even with married women.

Parent’s often show love to their kids by kissing their foreheads yet some men of the cloths from various congregations greet each other by kissing at the back of the hand.

In the holy script (The bible) one of Jesus followers as a traitor, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus through “kissing”. There is need as human beings to use out experiences and knowledge when sealing our relationships to ask whether your kiss is genuine or it is for betrayal.

Kiss between lovers is drove by passion, love, excitement and submission.

At times saliva if it resurfaces in large dose can spoil everything.

Those who kiss should well take care of their mouth from odour and keep their teeth clean.

With the prevalent of HIV/AIDS, it remains unclear whether it is the safest form on intimacy to be practiced around the world. There have been some rumours circulating around that good kissers are the best in upping the adulthood game.

Through kiss I observed that even in love expression we can communicate silently, which may cause shivers and leave one frail. There are no scales to rate if a person is the best or the waste kisser unless if your partner has the yardstick to do so hahahahah!