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Magic Rituals For Communicating With Sylphs and Other Elementals

Magic Rituals For Communicating With Sylphs and Other Elementals

Sylphs are wonderful magical allies to call upon in these times, when the world is topsy-turvy and you need immediate information to make quick decisions. Sylphs are the magical elementals associated with the element Air.

Sylphs are living beings made of pure air, and they specialize in communication and knowledge. That makes them very handy to have around in this day and age.

More About Magical Sylphs

A sylph is a living being, pure air, 3 to 18 inches in height, twisty in shape, and can be seen in dust devils or swirling smoke from cigarettes. They are clumsy and curious like young kittens, and hang around people a lot. Watch for sylphs around light objects like tinsel on a Christmas tree. You may also experience them as a light brush on your face. They are very quick, like to dart around and to move in spirals.

Sylphs love to communicate. They are very quick with short attention spans so you must be in their state to converse with them. It’s best to communicate with mind because the spoken word is too slow. When you’re traveling, you can talk to sylphs to get weather and road reports.

A Magic Ritual to Help You Communicate with Sylphs

So how do you communicate with a sylph? It’s pretty easy. You follow a magic ritual similar to that of calling upon angels. Here’s how:

1. Sit quietly and close your eyes, if possible.

2. Think the words, “I request the help of a sylph for [state your reason].”

3. Wait a second and the sylph will be there, though you may not be able to see it.

4. Quickly communicate your request with a thought, such as, “I need a weather report on the next 50 miles of this road. Thank you advance in for your help.” Appreciation in advance of the sylph’s help is key.

5. Wait a few more seconds. The sylph will return quickly with your answer. The answer will be a thought in your mind, possibly in your own voice. Don’t dismiss it, trust it.

6. Thank the sylph again for its help.

The key to communicating with sylphs is to use your mind rather than spoken words to communicate. Sylphs are fleeting creatures with short attention spans. Your mind communicates much faster than your mouth, so “think” your requests when communicating with sylphs.

As always, appreciation is key when working with powers and beings in magic rituals. Always thank the sylph after you make your request and after you receive your response. The more appreciation you express, the better the results of your magic ritual.

You can also communicate with other elementals associated with Fire, Water, and Earth. These are salamanders, undines, and gnomes. The communication methods are different, and each serves a different purpose. All are useful to have as magical allies.