Making a Killing From Skinning – Earning Gold With Your New World of Warcraft Profession

A player can make some serious gold with the skinning profession. Skinning is a primary professions in which players skin animals and creatures for their hide. The resulting hide can be used by Leatherworkers, Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Engineers.

If you want to learn skinning, find yourself a teacher. This will be a non-playing character, or NPC, programmed into the software. You may use leatherworking trainers as a reference, since most skinning trainers aren’t located to far off. Make sure to purchase a handy skinning knife from a merchant. If you want to increase your skill level-which will bring you more valuable hides and gold-travel to places such as Hellfire Peninsula. Each skinning you do will earn you at least five points. It’s a long process before reaching the master skinning level-which is 375 points-but there are ways to hasten this process.

First, hunt high level animals such as Hellboard, Clefthoofs, and Nether Drakes. Don’t go around trying to skin every creature you kill, because not all of them can be skinned. Also, you won’t be able to skin certain creatures if your level is too low. Don’t be discouraged, though. Practice skinning on low to medium level creatures and while gaining experience points do some research on creature skins before proceeding.

Once you’ve reached the master skinning level, you’ll be able to skin almost any creature you kill in Azeroth. You’ll be able to sell the hide at the auction house for a nice price and earn yourself some gold. Got a bunch of scraps you want to throw away? Not so fast. Sell them to a Leatherworker. You never know what kind of profit you can make if you throw away your raw materials.