July 15, 2024


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Medical Secretary Jobs in Petite Scrubs

Medical Secretary Jobs in Petite Scrubs

In the field of medicine, the title of Medical Secretary (or Medical Clerk) may not be as revered or respected as the positions of physicians and nurses. Nonetheless it is a fact that health care facilities would not be able to function without the contribution of these trained and efficient medical records and health information technicians. Medical secretaries in petite scrubs are a collective driving force supporting the medical profession. No health care facility – be it hospital, clinic, physician’s office, or health department office can operate without the contribution of these medical professionals They are key players in the caring profession, and require good people skills. In hospitals, clinics, medical centers, health departments, and doctors’ offices, the first people who have contact with the patients are the medical secretaries. They are the office staffers who check the patients in before their appointments, who collect the patients’ personal and insurance information, and who learn or verify the reason for the visit. They set the tone of the medical facility. The presence of friendly, smiling clerks at the front desk helps to put patients at ease and alleviate their concerns.

The medical secretaries are also often the last members of the medical staff who patients see when they leave the office. It is their job to give patients needed documents such as prescriptions and bills, and to send them away with warm wishes for their speedy recovery. At the same time, the presence of a medical secretary who is knowledgeable and professional puts the doctors and nurses in plus size scrubs on the staff at ease, and assures them that their offices are being run smoothly. Healthcare professionals rely upon them to provide accurate and timely information on their patients’ conditions. They depend upon their medical clerks to maintain patients’ records, to set the patients’ appointments, and to register patients’ complaints and concerns. As a result, medical secretaries are treated with respect. Like administrative assistants in the other professions, medical secretaries are largely given the run of the office. They decorate the work space, and they perform basic cleaning duties. They answer phones and type memos. Apart from the responsibility and respect of the profession, the title brings other benefits. Annual salaries average $30,000, or even more in large medical facilities located in upscale areas; or if they have advanced degrees; or if they have had long experience. Anyone who has earned a high school diploma (or equivalent) can apply for the position; however most employers prefer candidates in print scrub jackets with associates’ degrees with emphasis on English, medical terminology, math, insurance billing, word processing skills, and dictation.