July 15, 2024


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Seduce Attractive Girls In Minutes: Secrets Of Female Psychology That Can Help You Get LAID Easily

Seduce Attractive Girls In Minutes: Secrets Of Female Psychology That Can Help You Get LAID Easily

Trying to seduce a woman you hardly know is not the easiest

of things to do…but there are some principles of psychology

which you can apply to make the process a lot easier and

which will guarantee that you always get positive responses

from women you approach. One of these powerful principles is

knowing how to communicate with different “Personality


Basically most people fall into one of 3 main categories in

terms of the way they express themselves and the way that

they “take in information” about the world around them. So

any girl you meet will usually belong to one of these


The idea here is to communicate with each girl you meet in

the LANGUAGE that she will best understand and that will

lead to you making a very strong connection with that girl.

She will immediately feel that you know her in a way that

nobody else ever has before. Therefore seducing her becomes

1,000 times easier as a result of this “super-strong”


So here are the 3 personality types and how to communicate

with them:

1) Auditory Girls: These are girls that respond best to

“Hearing-based” descriptions. So for example if you’re

describing a trip you took to the beach, you want to be

describing the SOUND of the crashing waves. You would say

something like, “The waves were crashing on the shore very

LOUDLY. And I could HEAR the sound of the pebbles as they

pounded on the beach front.” You get the picture here:

you’re really trying to stimulate her auditory mind by

making sure to focus on the sound element of the event.

2) Visual Girls: These girls are especially stimulated by

things that they can picture visually in their minds eye. So

they focus on the picture element of any event. For example,

using the same beach scenario: you would communicate with

this type of girl like this, “The moonlight LOOKED so bright

that night. It was so nice to SEE the outline of the ocean

in the distance from the shore. It was the most amazing

SIGHT ever.”

3) Kinesthetic Girls: These are girls that mainly

communicate their thoughts by the sense of “Touch.” They

tend to relate best to things and ideas they can “touch” or

“feel” with their hands. They need to have a strong grip on

things, literally. So the best way to make a strong

connection when communicating with these girls is to say

something like this, “It was such a good night, I really

FELT the peace and tranquillity of the beach. And the way

that the sand RUBBED against my skin FELT like absolute


So the next question is: How do you know what personality

type a woman belongs to? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

You get them to talk about things they have to describe and

then you listen for which “buzz-words” they tend to use most

frequently in their conversation. That way you can just

“key” into their language and feed it back to them when

communicating YOUR thoughts and descriptions.

You see, once you key into a girl’s personality type and

start to communicate in her specific “language,” you’ll

immediately create a situation where she opens up to you and

is more willing to get physically “intimate” with you faster

than you could ever imagine. This will happen because her

sub-conscious mind sees you as a soul-mate. And this can

transform the relationship from some guy she just met to a

guy she feels she’s known all her life and who is able to

understand her deeply.

So there you have it. You should apply this principle in

your interactions with the women you want to date: you will

find that the seduction will become so much easier for you

and the results you get from women will be unbelievable.