Should the Hobby Be Made Professional Or Should The Profession Be Made A Hobby?

Confused? Even I was when the question aroused. Just think what if you hadn’t got the chance to continue with your hobby as profession, Will you be still thinking about it?

There are lots conspiracies followed by family, Society and status to carry on the profession or hobby to adapt.

Let us figure out something, there are few hobbies which doesn’t require much of investment, but there are some which might require lots of investment like business.

The interests like sports, business, handicrafts, entertainment, modeling, singing, gaming etc can be fulfilled on various aspects. Either the family should belong to same profession,or support of sufficient funds should be available or status of the family in the society. All of the above mentioned professions would require sacrifice, determination and stand out performances.

There are people who have achieved to this level such as P T Usha, who fulfilled her dreams in couple of years with less resources available. But there are only fewer who could make their interests in profession.

The idea of joining a company and earning good package is a dream job. You will have everything in your life but there is some corner of dissatisfaction, may be which isn’t explored. So the time you feel this at one stage of life might not keep you in capable of doing it.

Hence what do you do is a big question.

It is better to be satisfied by finance and funds flow rather than proceeding with hobby where you have to invest a lot and expect little. Indra Nooyi one of the leading business women has satisfied herself by reaching the top at early age. But the question would ‘Are these professional really satisfied”?

You have a choice to justify both the categories as follows

o If you have a hobby which you want to make profession then you need to start practicing at young age so that you can accomplish your hobby at the right time.

o If it doesn’t work out then could give up the hobby for sometime in life and carry on with your identity for survival.

o Few start at very young age and few start at later age but in satisfactory level.

o Make a hobby in which you get experience may be in a particular business or the services like interior designing, architecture, event management etc.

o Be strong in whatever you do or the life makes you to do.

End of the day you are the one who experiences life and not others. At last I would like to say that “Whatever you do in life do it with heart, Respect and give identity to yourself’

“Give time for yourself, don’t be disguised in mechanical life”