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Spongebob and Littauer’s Temperament Furthermore: A Spare-Time Analysis by Classification

Spongebob and Littauer’s Temperament Furthermore: A Spare-Time Analysis by Classification

It has been a long time since the first time I viewed a cartoon sequence of a sea sponge, whose condition is like a kitchen area sponge (“Western Animation”, n.d.), named Spongebob Squarepants. It tells about the everyday everyday living of Spongebob and his buddies, specifically, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, and Mr. Krabs, living in a city underneath the sea named Bikini Base. While I am now at an age of which it appears “not appropriate” to check out a cartoon motion picture like that, my dad and mom typically say in a humorous tone, I definitely are not able to just take my eyes off it each time it is aired on Television. It is, probably, the distinct, lovely see of the Bikini Base which helps prevent me from boredom of looking at this sort of movie. Despite the actuality that the exact same episodes are performed above and over all over again, the movie serves as an alternate Television system in the morning when there are no other appealing systems to look at.

Alongside with my interest in Spongebob Squarepants cartoon collection, my curiosity on human people was developing. I expended some time to browse a e book of human’s personalities entitled “Persona In addition” authored by Florence Littauer (1992) and notice the people and uniqueness of persons all over me based mostly on what I had study. In accordance to Littauer (1992), all human beings comprise 4 fundamental figures as follows: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. Just about every of these figures deliver its have one of a kind values that are not able to be uncovered in the other people.

Then a single working day, a concern popped up in my intellect: Can the figures of Spongebob and his pals in the cartoon sequence be categorized into the 4 characters proposed by Littauer? I thought about it very carefully, in my spare time, and finally managed to find the respond to: Of course, the characters of Spongebob and his mates can be labeled into Littauer’s standard characters. As a result of this posting, I will display you how the classification is manufactured, which is adopted by some examples from the episodes.

Spongebob Squarepants, the guide in the sequence, represents the Sanguine character. It is characterized by attitudes in which he is generally delighted, energetic, and optimistic in the direction of his lifetime and get the job done at the Krusty Krab, a nearby rapidly foodstuff cafe owned by Mr. Krabs, while he is only paid out with a little total of revenue. He likes to speak, inform tales, and make jokes a good deal, some key traits of a Sanguinis person. However, this talkative habits at times gets him away from men and women at the intense circumstance, at the time the sea-ghost Flying Dutchman captured him, and only 30 seconds afterward he produced him since he received bored with his tale.

Patrick Star, Spongebob’s BFF (best-close friends-eternally), is a most effective representation of a Phlegmatic man. He never concerns much about his life. He spends most of his times taking part in with his most effective mate, sleeping at his household-a big, half-circled rock-and standing throughout the street, executing nothing. In a single episode, he is awarded “the longest jobless sea creature amongst many others” for these exclusive qualities, which is in distinction with Spongebob who is supplied tons of awards. He under no circumstances states no to Spongebob’s invitation to engage in with jellyfish.

Then the representation of the Melancholic character can be located in Squidward Tentacles. Enthusiasm for perfection, art-loving, substantial demand of daily life with exceptional good quality, and pessimistic in most time of life-all are components of the character-are observable in the everyday living of Squidward. It can be noticed in the sequence episodes that each time he finishes his do the job at the Krusty Krab, he spends most of the day with earning sculptures of himself and taking part in with his flute. He also goals of a great and wealthier life, away from the enjoyable and childish life as always demonstrated by Spongebob and Patrick. Most likely it is that dream that would make him in a by no means-ending jealousy in direction of his rival Squilliam Fancyson, a superior-course squid-like citizen in the town.

Last but not least, a born-leader, income-oriented Choleric character is clearly discovered in the life of Mr. Krabs. As aforementioned, Mr. Krabs owns a area rapid foods restaurant in the metropolis. On the other hand, his principal problem is on his customers’ dollars and on how he can get extra and a lot more cash with minimal company to the consumers. An episode reveals how he wishes to catch the attention of kids’ consideration to purchase some food items in his cafe at the commencing of summer months holiday getaway by constructing a playground named “Krabby Land”. Even so, the playground is not as been anticipated by the young children it is total of enjoying equipments that are manufactured from damaged woods and irons, which are absolutely unsafe for them. As a born-chief, he likes to purchase stuffs to be finished by his two faithful workforce, that is, Spongebob as the cook and Squidward as the cashier. When they do even a minimal miscalculation, he will get indignant effortlessly, particularly when it deals with dollars.

This post discusses the classification of people in Spongebob Squarepants cartoon collection dependent on Littauer’s four basic human characters. It is fascinating to see that the unique characters in between them can result in appealing storylines, an additional purpose that the satisfaction of watching it is even now there. The weaknesses of all those people can create humorous and, from time to time, “foolish” conflicts among them. I place quotation marks for the term “foolish” to present that largely in our life we have conflicts that are essentially unwanted. They are just a matter of various perspectives between one particular character to the other. A good comprehending of every of the character is hoped to protect against us from these kinds of conflicts and to emphasis ourselves on greater difficulties that we ought to facial area with each other.