June 23, 2024


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The Do’s and Don’ts of E-Commerce Marketing

Marketing your e-commerce site is not difficult, what makes it difficult is how we are attached to old marketing techniques that work well before but isn’t working now. Outdated and ineffective techniques wouldn’t do anything good to your e-commerce website, it will make it worse.

Here is a list of the do’s and don’ts internet marketing:


Guest post in industry related blogs

Guest posting is an approach where you ask the permission of the blog owner to write a post in their blog and get a link back to your site. What is great about this technique is that bloggers are always looking for unique posts, you will never run out of blogs to guest post to. All you need to do is convince bloggers that you have a valuable post to share and then provide a resource box to your post.

Donate products for review

If you are selling products, you can donate a product for review to get someone to create a content with natural back links to your website. It may cost more money but it can generate a long-term SEO and higher ROI.

On-page SEO

Invest the time in keyword research so you understand what terms people are using when looking for your products. You can use these keywords in the content of your page or for internal linking to match with the commonly searched terms. Invest heavily in keyword and research to increase the chance of being found and gain higher page authority.

Build an Email Marketing List

With email marketing, you just need to convince your existing customer to buy more products from your site. You don’t need to convince them to buy your product since they already made transactions in your e-commerce store, so no begging. Build an email marketing list of your existing customers, earn trust, and earnings are just a click away.


Generic blog comments

Blog comments does not generate link juice because all comments are considered “nofollow” which means search engines will simply ignore it. Comments can still provide link to your website but make sure to provide a comment that makes sense, worth the conversation, and not generic.

Article marketing

Writing an article and blasting it to different article submission directories looks promising but it will only make your site worst. Google is keeping its eyes on duplicate content so if you are seen doing this method, you’ll get penalized for it. Article marketing is not all that bad, send articles wisely by hand picking the best article directory submissions online and write unique articles for each site.

Hiring cheap SEO firms

So you think you are getting the most out of hiring cheap SEO companies? Think again. SEO is normally the most expensive method to get your site on top of search engine results. It takes a lot of work but results are very effective and long-term.

If you’ve seen SEO firms promising a quickest SEO method under a very low price, don’t hire them. These cheap SEO firms will use shady hat SEO strategies that will get you results faster but can cause damage to your site in the long run even if you’ve done a few legitimate tactics.