July 15, 2024


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The Role of a Community Nurse

The Role of a Community Nurse

There are many kinds of nursing jobs that one can choose from, but one type of job that is preferred much more is the community nursing job that helps you serve people. If you want to serve people and at the same time earn money, this is the right job for you. Nurses who have completed their nursing certification will be able to get the best jobs. Nurses should not only be qualified but they should also be certified by the authorized agencies in their profession. Nurses who have qualified by completing their education, but have not obtained certification will not be able to work in registered hospitals.

The best kind of work for a nurse is the community professional nursing. Not all nurses like the profession as it may need a lot of hard work. If you are still interested in serving a lot of people in the community, then you can take up the profession. This profession is highly paid because the community nurse has to travel to the patients’ house and treat them based on their health condition.

The community care nurse is responsible to ensure that the health of individuals who are living in a particular geographical area is normal. Early identification of any disease should also be high on the priority list of community nurses. So, the job not only includes treating patients, but also preventing health problems and taking care of lifestyle issues that lead to health problems.

The nurse may also need to additionally qualify as a venipuncturist. Other than the collection of blood, the community professional nurse will also have to ensure that the blood is stored properly and sent to the lab for tests. This is a part of the job that a community nurse has to perform.

Many nurses love working in the rural areas because of the huge amount of job satisfaction. She will have the satisfaction of helping the people in the community in maintaining proper health. You will also feel as if you have been able to maintain the health of people living in a huge area under your control.

Nursing jobs in the community are time taking and the nurse needs to be fully committed to the health care of people living in the community. The nurse may also be required to carry some equipment in the community to treat patients. Some of the common pieces of equipment that are used in the community nursing profession are stethescope, BP apparatus, nebulizer and other portable equipmens.