July 15, 2024


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The Social Stir

The Social Stir

Networking on and offline are very effective ways of making new contacts, developing relationships and moving your pursuits forward. Savvy networkers know that whether they are engaging is “small” or “big” talk, good conversations are keys to success. If you are meeting people face to face, how do you introduce or present yourself? What tag lines do you use to differentiate yourself from others? How do you exhibit value and trust? Once it is all said and done, are you memorable and worth contacting?

Listed below are helpful tips for stirring up good dialogue for creating excellent networking connections.

Lean On Me

One of the most effective ways of networking is going with a fellow colleague or friend. Two is always better than one and the more the merrier when it comes to networking. Do not hesitate to network in groups. It is an easy way to break the ice, facilitate conversation and have others singing your praises, and vice versa. Be sure that the individuals you choose are just as networking and goal oriented as you are.

Credit Score

Believe or not, there are some great ways to score points with people you are meeting for the first time at networking events. As you are engaging in good conversations, talk about topics or share stories which perceive you as credible. Relate to significant events or situations which highlight your expertise and skills. Refer to notable colleagues or clients which are just as credible. Rely on honesty and being genuine as cornerstones for building these quality relationships.

Do More

Once the event is over, do more than just accept or give out invitations or requests on social media platforms. Make it a point to build quality relationships through business and network development and sharing. As CEO of “You Enterprise” your bottom line is making profitable and productive connections to build your personal brand. Do not fall into the trap of the numbers game. Concentrate on reaching your networking agenda by maximizing all of your efforts with those contacts.

Use these practical tips to stir up good conversations while networking. Use your language to build trust and credibility while being memorable. It should be your goal to create and develop a viable and efficient network.