July 15, 2024


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The World Is Just As Wide As a BlackBerry Screen

The World Is Just As Wide As a BlackBerry Screen

If the first humans to communicate using drums and smoke, after the stone age communicating era, the following communicating device was paper so people can communicate through the mail. Until now the development of paper and newspapers continue to be used and the media industry continues to grow.

Before the presence of cellular technology, as now, we only know the first radio and television. At the beginning of its development, the radio may be a sophisticated tool of its time, but radio is only one way direction only until the next man invented the telephone. Phone technology continues to grow until the emergence of cell phones that are more mobile.

The development of media and communications continue to have a very radical change until finally the two media meet.The marriage of these two technologies gave birth to a new technology called the Internet.

This time Internet is infiltrating into human life in almost every field. The existence of the Internet today has changed almost every order of human life, ranging from interact, learn, work and do business.

The easy to communicate and seek instant information makes us more and not be separated from the internet. Few years ago we had to access the Internet only from a desktop computer, nowadays, thanks to the development of cellular technology we can access the Internet functions quite simply in the palm of the hand in a more mobile as well.

Is Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian telecommunications company, which develops mobile communication devices.

Initially, RIM devices and services produced only pagers (pagers) in both directions. These devices are quite popular in the era of the 90s and became a status symbol for those who are busy and mobile. Now the existence of a pager may increasingly be forgotten, especially when the presence of mobile phones with facilities short message service (SMS).

The company established since 1998 is making a new history in the world of mobile technology by creating the famous BlackBerry device with its push mail service. Namely, a service to facilitate the person receiving the e-mail messages like SMS, so that people do not have to perform rituals to check e-mail, because this device will “shout” to provide notification if there is an incoming e-mail.

In its development, the BlackBerry device can not only provide push mail facility alone. Thanks to digital convergence, the BlackBerry turn into a smartphone (smart phone) that has a variety of functions and features. In addition to functioning as a telephone, SMS and MMS, the BlackBerry can also be used as camera / digital video, music and video players, global positioning system (GPS), Mobile Internet, e-book, a modem and can also access Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity). Comes with various software, Blackberry freeware, games and application. That turn blackberry into small computer.

System PIN

This time, blackberry is a must have gadget for busy people. At first, most BlackBerry users reserved for employees in a particular company so that these devices are identical with the title of corporate devices.

Now BlackBerry users across all segments. Especially when these devices are increasingly has the form of a stylish, cool color and stuffed a variety of functions before and also the addition of third-party software applications, with the newest blackberry freeware.

Push mail capabilities along with high data compression rate makes the user can send and exchange data through this device to be faster.

So also when used to access the Internet through a browser application that is installed therein. In addition to the browser application, the BlackBerry have included the application of instant messaging (IM) is ready to be installed, such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and BlackBerry Messenger. The last one is a special application for BlackBerry users, so that all BlackBerry users everywhere can interact via BlackBerry Messenger.

BlackBerry has a unique identification number called a PIN (personal identification number). Number is what makes each of these devices to be unique. PIN numbers can also be used to communicate with other BlackBerry users around the world via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which has the capability in addition to sending text, also can send pictures and sound files.

Security and the strength of this device into its own advantages compared with other similar products. With the PIN number before, every BlackBerry device is registered in each carrier and also a BlackBerry server. If the device is stolen, the thief can not just replace SIM card and use the BlackBerry functions. Operators and the BlackBerry server will lock all the functions of the cell phone number and a PIN that is not appropriate from a list of its database. Cool eh!

BlackBerry devices can be used either continuously online to chat, browse or send and receive e-mails without a hang.Some of the BlackBerry series can even be dropped from a height of three feet without damage or breakage. The strength and resilience of this system is the main attraction for those who are active and highly mobile.

In addition to capabilities listed above, several series BlackBerry has a function as a GPS (global positioning systems).BlackBerry Maps application to find an address or a guide if we are in a particular city or region.

BlackBerry that do not have a GPS chipset can still use the BlackBerry Maps application. Indeed, its use would be best if the added additional GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity.

For BlackBerry with WiFi access, we can access the Internet through wireless networks in malls, cafes, restaurants, airports, even in a Wi-Fi signal anywhere along hot spot acceptable to the BlackBerry device. Multimedia functions contained in it includes the features of MP3 player, video player, and camera.

The cameras have a clear enough result to support a 2 megapixel camera implanted in the body behind the BlackBerry. The function of this camera is quite helpful for taking pictures or video and to then be stored on a memory card or sent via e-mail.

Currently, RIM has released the latest operating system for some particular series currently available. Improved versions of this operating system offers repair and addition of new features.

One interesting application is crammed to the latest OS is one of them is the application of artificial Docs Togo trial version DataViz. This application has the functions of office such as Word Togo as a word processing application and Togo as an application Presenter presentations.

Or a paid premium version of the site has a Sheet Togo Dataviz.com as spreadsheet applications.

The author tries to use Docs application Togo is good for Word, Presenter and Sheet Togo. Everything has a function and ability that was almost the same with office applications on ordinary desktop computers.

So by having the BlackBerry devices, we no longer need to bring a laptop if we need just to make a report in the form of word processing, spreadsheet or presentation draft. Everything can be done with this device.

It is clear, with a BlackBerry any information that we want can be directly accessed immediately. Communicating with friends, relatives or business associates anywhere can be done while rest in bed or on the sidelines of the gathering with family, so the world feels so small as wide as Blackberry screen.