July 15, 2024


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Why It’s Important to Save Files and Create Project Folders – Online Business Savvy

Why It’s Important to Save Files and Create Project Folders – Online Business Savvy

Two of the most common mistakes made by newcomers and novice alike when setting up a business online are the failure to save files correctly and not organizing and maintaining project folders for each website creation.

Once you grasp the importance of these simple, straight forward processes – they will serve you well, saving time, headaches and wasted efforts searching for stuff. More importantly, it will help you maintain your sanity as you start to accumulate a large number of websites and various online projects and campaigns.

While this might sound like a very boring topic, believe me – once you take this to heart and put it into practice, each time you need to save or create a folder, you will be more than pleased that you took the time to learn the process. Your goal is to make saving files and creating project folders a habit that will serve you well in the long run.

Most of you have had a situation when you needed to find something you created – you know you saved it ‘somewhere’ on your computer – but could not remember if you saved it on your desk top, c-drive, or sent it to your personal email account – you searched and searched and could not find it.

That was me several months ago before I started to organize my online business, this situation happened far too many times and it is one of the most frustrating, time wasters imaginable.

Most of us are strapped for time, and if you have a day job and only an hour or two to work your online business when you get home in the evenings, the last thing you want to do is to waste precious time searching for a file that you should have saved correctly the first time.

There are TWO Very Important Reasons for Saving Files Correctly!!

If you do not save your files correctly the files and images that you save may not appear on your web page. Now I am sure you do not want that to happen, talking about unprofessional, which is certainly not how you want to come across to visitors to your website.

When you take the time to correctly save your files they will be easy to locate on your computer thus, once again, a great time saver.

To learn how to save files, just go online, type in ‘how to save a file’ and the world of file saving will be at your command – providing details for Windows ME or XP, or Apple OS X.

Building a Project File will Ensure Good Housekeeping of Your Online Business

All of the content of your webpage should be saved in one location and it’s easy to do.

First, make it a habit to ALWAYS create a project file for every single website your create. Once the project file is created, EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING pertaining to that webpage to include your images, files, photos, links all go into the project file for that web page project.

Once each website project is centrally located, when it’s time to update or work on that website, the file is immediately available – everything you need is at your fingertips,

How sweet is that?

To your online marketing success.