WotLK Inscription Guide – What You Will Be Making With Inscription in Wrath of the Lich King

This Inscription guide will go over some of the options available for the new profession in World of Warcraft. Inscription allows players to change the cooldown, damage, or mechanics of a spell using glyphs. There is also the ability to make scrolls, vellums, books and cards.

Glyphs are created by inscribers for all classes. All characters will have a number of major and minor glyph slots available depending on their level. Since these slots are new, there will be a huge demand for glyphs which should prove to be a great source of income for the inscription profession.

Vellums are used by enchanters to write one enchant per vellum. This creates a scroll of that enchantment that can then be sold or traded to other players. This is a great value to enchanters, as it not only allows them to sell their enchants without having to be face to face with their customers, but it also allows them to transfer enchants to their alternate characters.

Cards for the Darkmoon decks can also be created with the inscription profession. Once again, this should be very profitable for anyone with inscription. Books can also be created as off hand items, but they will require the inscription skill in order to use them.

The inscription profession in WotLK offers a large variety of gold making opportunities. Like jewelcrafting was when it was introduced, inscription figures to be a very profitable and popular skill to have in the World of Warcraft economy for quite some time.