WoW Cooking Guide – It’s Time to Get Your Apron Out!

Cooking in World of Warcraft is a secondary profession – this means you can take it without sacrificing one of your main professions. In this wow cooking guide I’ll tell you a bit about the wonderful world of cooking in-game as well as give you a few tips on leveling and profiting from this unique profession.

To make anything as a cook in wow you will need a few things: something to cook it on, something to cook and something to cook it with, simple. To start with you will gain the fire making skill so as long as you have some wood you will have something to cook on. Some recipes won’t require anything extra to cook with once you have the ingredients but, if they do, then you will only need one of them as they are not used up. However, the ingredients are and they can be the most costly part of leveling the profession. Luckily, cooking isn’t a specially in-demand profession in wow so the ingredients (or reagents) are not normally very expensive.

You may be wondering why you actually ought to cook, well, there are a couple of reasons. Primarily it is a good source of buffs as, when you get better at it, you will be able to cook food which is better than that you can buy or pick-up. Also, food reduces your leveling time as you don’t need to wait for you health to regenerate for as long.

It can be quite hard to profit from cooking as a profession as the majority of food is quite low value, but, in the new expansion packs there are a lot more novelty items which tend to go for higher values. One such recipe is that for Savory Deviate Delight. The recipe itself can be quite expensive to pick-up (20g+) but if you are horde side you can farm it in the Barrens quite simply. Then you need to combine your cooking with fishing and head over to the Wailing Caverns instance where you can fish for Deviate Fish which you can then cook into Savory Deviate Delight which sell for up to 10 gold a stack. That entire process can be done by a level 15-20 character quite easily so if you are short on cash then a recommend giving it a go.

Hopefully you have learnt a thing or two from this wow cooking guide but, most importantly, you just need to get out there and actually cook stuff – that’s the only way you’ll get better at it after all.