June 24, 2024


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Gymnastics Level 1-10 Balance Beam Periods

· Gymnastics degree 1, 2 and 3 harmony beam regime has a time limit of 30 seconds.

· Gymnastics level 4 beam routine has a time limit of 50 seconds.

· Gymnastics stage 5 equilibrium beam plan has a time limit of 1 moment and 5 seconds.

· Gymnastics level 6 beam program has a time limit of 1 moment and 10 seconds.

· Gymnastics stage seven balance beam program should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a most of 1 moment 20 (80 seconds).

· Gymnastics degree 8, 9 and 10 minimum of 30 seconds most of 1 moment and 30 seconds (90 seconds).

Ten seconds ahead of your time is up the human being timing will both ring a bell or say “warning.” Once your time is up you will both listen to a bell ring once more or the person timing say “time.” If you go in excess of time you will get a .10 deduction from your common rating. If you are a amount 7-10 and your regime is shorter than 30 seconds you will obtain a 2.00 stage deduction from your ultimate score furthermore a deduction for whatever is lacking in your plan. The time for a beam program will commenced as quickly as the gymnast normally takes off from the mat or springboard. And the time finishes as quickly as the gymnast lands on the mat right after her dismount. If the gymnast falls for the duration of her regimen the man or woman timing will stop the time at the time the gymnast makes make contact with with the flooring. The time will restart as shortly as the gymnast makes her 1st move to continue her program. The gymnast only has 30 seconds to remount the balance beam soon after she falls off. This time will be timed individually this usually means there have to be two end watches. The particular person timing will notify the gymnast when she has 20 seconds and also 10 seconds remaining to remount the beam. If she will not remount the beam within the time restrict the harmony beam schedule will be terminated. In just the 30 2nd drop time a gymnastics mentor is allowed to mentor and talk to the gymnast with out acquiring any deduction. Throughout the slide time the gymnast could conduct a skill on the mat but will obtain a .20 deduction.