How To Save Marriage From Divorce?

If you try to figure out how to save marriage from divorce, there is help for you. Divorce statistics have shown that half of the couples who married as teens or for the first time will end up divorced. For those who married for the second time, 60 per cent of them ended in divorce. For those who married more than twice, more than 70 per cent ended in divorce.

So what do those statistics tell you?

They told you that those couples do not really understand and agree with each other even if they said they do. Addiction like gambling, incompatibility, inability to accommodate each other’s lifestyles, extramarital affairs, finances are some of the root causes.

Having said that, here are 5 ways to help you save your marriage from divorce.

1. Identify The Causes Of Your Marriage Problems

Identifying the causes of your marriage problems will not be easy if you are someone who refuses to accept criticism or admit your mistakes. If that describes you, you are not alone. I was like that too.

Still that does not excuse you and your spouse from going through this process of identifying and resolving the causes. Failure to do so will cause your marriage to deteriorate and wind up in divorce. For that to begin, you need to make the first step to communicate and discuss with your spouse.

2. Stop Blaming Each Other For The Problem

Doing so will result in more arguments, fights and even tragedies as the worse case scenario. Since you are married, you should learn to share and compromise with each other. That is not just what your family and friends want you both to do but what God wants you to as well if you are Christians. You may win the argument but still ended up losing your wife if she decides to divorce and be with someone else. If you have children, you may also be involved in custody as well. So in order to make this a win-win situation for you and your spouse, learn to stop blaming each other for the problem.

3. Spend More Time With Your Spouse

Most of our time is spent on work which is understandable. But if our work requires us to be away from home for days, weeks or even months, that could deteriorate our marriage. Do make a point to spend more time with your spouse. Not just on weekends but weekdays. After dinner time is the best time. Do not just watch TV together but make it a point to go out shopping for groceries or even a stroll in the park. Simple things like those can do wonders to your relationship.

4. Learn To Listen Attentively

Most women tend to talk more. That is their nature and will always be. Their reason for doing so is not sharing their concerns, experiences and problems with the men they love but also seeking assurances and solutions. So if you are a husband, you need to learn to listen attentively. By helping her, you are also helping yourself in return as she will return the favour.

5. Rediscover Romance In Your Marriage

With married life, love can be demonstrated in many ways However, research has shown that couples behave differently in real life from what most people envision or seen in romantic movies One great way is to rediscover romance in your marriage by doing the things that you both enjoy in your dating days.

Make every birthday, Valentine and wedding anniversary a special occasion for each other. Go for a quiet dinner, participate in social activities for couples or even a vacation together can do wonders to your mindsets.

You will feel a lot more positive and organized in your thoughts that way.