How to Take care of “Not able to Examine the Log File Header” Trade Server Mistake

Microsoft Trade Server is developed to publish all the database transactions to selected log files and commit them later any time the process will allow. The transactions also exist in procedure memory, but get misplaced in the celebration of crash. If the Trade Server undergoes unpredicted crash, these transaction logs provide as the essential recovery technique. For this cause, the transaction lof files ought to be kept on a dependable method. The log file header is made up of information like file signature, base identify, creation time, checkpoint etcetera. At periods, your Trade Server implies as it is unable to browse this information. These are essential predicaments that may well compel you to restore the info from an on the net backup or carry out challenging restoration for your databases. On the other hand, it is remarkably suggested that you test to go Trade mailboxes on another server or use an Trade Restoration solution to fix the databases.

To exemplify, contemplate a scenario when you get the beneath error with your Exchange Server database:

“Unable to read the log file header.”

The error is logged as occasion 412 in application function log. The ESE mistake code that shows in Description portion of this celebration presents in-depth details of the root lead to.

Lead to

As the error indicates, it happens when Trade databases engine are not able to study the file header. This signifies that log file has a mismatching signature, has corrupted header info or is corrupt. You can deduce the precise lead to by the ESE mistake code the function reveals:

  1. Jet_errLog fileCorrupt or error -501: The header of the log file is corrupt
  2. Jet_errBadLogSignature or error -530: The log information signature mismatch. The log file signature makes sure the correct replaying of log files established and is bundled in just about every databases header. The mistake happens when they mismatch.
  3. Jet_errDiskIO or mistake -1022: A disk I/O issue for requested webpage in transaction log or databases. Usually, -1022 mistake takes place simply because of severe database corruption. For a log file, the result in is corruption of log file header.


You require to use any of the beneath processes:

  1. Check out for the past on-line backup and restore
  2. In scenario of valid backup unavailability, you can operate eseutil /p command and later isinteg – take care of command. It is a tricky command and knowledge decline is probably as will delete databases web pages. Thus, for your production database, it is suggested to use a further MicrosoftExchange Restoration strategy like shifting the mailboxes to other database or employing an Exchange Restoration software program.