If Communication is the Key – What is the Lock?

They say that communication is the key to a successful marriage, to a friendship, or even in promoting efficiency in the market place. It’s hard to disagree with that statement, and it is true in nearly all cases. But if communication is the key, one has to ask, what is the lock? In other words, what took place or transpired which caused a problem or challenge that could only be solved with communication? Is miscommunication the lock? That doesn’t sound accurate.

However, one could say that lack of training or understanding is the lock, and communication is that which solves this problem. But if we fail to communicate in training, or if people are misunderstanding each other, it is usually a communication issue in the first place. Therefore, one could say that communication is not only the key, but it is also the lock. And if this is so, why don’t we throw both the key away, and why would you lock the door or put up fences between us?

Is it true that the human race cannot function without proper communication? Is that why everyone has five ways to contact them? Is that why everyone is busy communicating on the Internet, having conversations at home, using their cell phone or even text messaging while driving? And where are they driving too, are they driving themselves insane, or are they driving to work to communicate with their coworkers, their customers, their clients, and the consumer?

I would submit to you that communication is the lock and the key, and the reality is you need to open the door, or look in the mirror and see. Indeed, I hope you please consider this.