June 24, 2024


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Quality E-Commerce Web Design: Understanding The Basics

With Christmas just a few months away, it is safe to assume that a vast number of people will soon begin heading online, hunting for their Christmas gifts. This isn’t to say that the bricks and mortar stores won’t see a good surge in business in the coming months but the fact of the matter is simple; online shopping has continued to grow in popularity and in 2013 the Christmas season will no doubt see this continue.

There is an undying love for the ease, speed and simplicity of shopping online which is why business owners of all shapes and sizes will be preparing themselves for the shopping season by ensuring their e-commerce sites are up to scratch. For those new to e-commerce however, it can be quite easy to make a wrong move, fail to get the appropriate design and find yourself standing on the other side of Christmas wondering why you never got those sales.

Whether you are familiar with web design or new to it all, before you begin sourcing the right person for the job; ensure you are aware of the requirements of a successful e-commerce website design.

E-commerce website design is no easy task however I have put forward my top three tips that I am sure will help any business stay on the path to success…

  1. Detailed Information– Unlike a brick and mortar store, an e-commerce site doesn’t exactly allow users to touch and feel their products which is why it is important to ensure that as much information as possible is provided in order to sway your customers decision. From several quality images (often at different angles) to detailed descriptions and product specifications- the more information you provide, the better chance there will be of a sale.
  2. Easy Search– One of the number one reasons users switch off is simply because they cannot find a product. Ensure your website is easy to use, navigation is simple and users are able to find just what they are after in the space of a few clicks. Your user will want a simple and easy experience so if you make it difficult then you are risking your chances of receiving that sale.
  3. Several Payment Options– Nothing is more frustrating for your customers then to reach the checkout and find that you offer only one payment system that they are not familiar with or they are trapped in a long-winded checkout process. Allow for several, secure and speedy payment options to improve your chances of clinching that sale.

The above are the points that I and no doubt many experienced designers would believe to be the key to quality, successful e-commerce web design. Whether you are new to the world of websites and simply looking to get off on the right foot or a business with an existing website that is failing to get the right results, have you made yourself familiar with the above points? And above anything, have you begun to put them into action?

Give your business a fighting chance this holiday season with a quality e-commerce website design.