Taking care of Your Time, when Tunes isn’t really Your “Day Job”

You CAN do everything.


You CAN do every little thing. What you can’t do, even so, is do almost everything at the exact same time, or produce a day which is for a longer period than 24 hrs.

The two most critical features of time management are acceptance and decision. When you believe of time in phrases of acceptance and alternative, you happen to be never “improper”, “poor”, or “lazy”, you have just produced specified alternatives. When you think in conditions of discipline and willpower, however, your internal critic can seriously do a range on you. We presently have lower self-esteem as artists let’s not incorporate to the issue!!

An instance of this from my possess daily life is that I choose to reside by itself as a substitute of with a roommate that signifies I also pick out larger rent and the require to convey in plenty of cash flow to cover that hire. When sneaky feelings of resentment or self-pity creep in to my head, I will need to keep in mind the selection that I made, and I need to settle for this is how factors are for now.

Listed here are some tips for using preference and acceptance to handle your time.

Determine what you want to have time for. What keeps acquiring pushed to the back again burner or rushed by way of? How will you invest your time once you’ve produced your songwriting desires appear real and you’ve got develop into the artist you’re meant to be? Nourish this eyesight until eventually it can be apparent in your intellect. It can be essential to know what you are working in direction of. Don’t forget, you would not generally be this busy unless of course you pick to be.

Pick not to be this busy – for just one week, keep track of your time employing a time log. You can make a single by yourself only chart out (on paper or on the pc) your day in fifteen-moment intervals and then file what you do in each and every of those blocks of time. Finishing a time log will illuminate how much time you are paying on unique factors. Look thoroughly at the alternatives you are making. What do you most want to do with the time you have offered?

Acknowledge your day task for what it is – a resource of the economic aid you want to eat and reside – and produce songs! Follow experience grateful for the career you have, as an alternative of emotion resentful about the time it can be taking absent from your songwriting. For occasion, what recording machines, CD’s, manuscript paper, application plans or musical devices have you acquired from the income you gained in this career? Also, the job is providing you everyday living activities, and most probably a lot of possibilities to interact with other people today. Your passion is to converse with men and women as a result of your songs – how can you choose some of that passion and apply it to your working day-to-working day interactions? What sort of tales do your co-workers have to tell? What ideas do all those stir up for you that you can use in your composing?

Search for a “day task” that’s significant and which is using you in the course of your desires. Do you have to have some ideas? Check out meditating to entry interior knowledge and spiritual steering. If songwriting is your principal passion, what’s your next enthusiasm? What ELSE will get your juices flowing? There is certainly no need to have to be in a task that would not make you sense alive, in purchase to assistance what does. Some artists that I know get lots of success from training small children or older people about their craft. Others just take positions that require community talking, to give them a lot more experience and assurance conversing to teams. Some take positions in new music retailers, where they can have a lot of time to study about the latest tools, meet up with heaps of fellow artists, and get a discount, to boot!

Routine time with yourself for your songwriting, collaborating and rehearsing. Hold these dates with on your own and many others as sacred appointments!

Be very good to your body and really don’t sacrifice snooze for efficiency (if you retain performing that, you will never be in substantially form to produce anything at all!).

There are only a few of factors that we definitely Require to do just about every working day. Everything else is a decision.

This article was initially released on the Muses Muse Songwriter’s Source web site (November 2004) http://www.musesmuse.com.

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