What is Espiritism, Spiritism Or Psychic Mediumship?

There has been some interesting discussions going on at every popular African Religion Forum regarding mediumship, spiritualism, and the differences between methods used to communicate with the dead. Please see them below.

What is an espiritista? I think to most this means a person who is a medium who can communicate with the dead and perhaps see them, feel them, and hear them. And should know how to deal with different spirits as they come.

What is muertero? A muertero as far as the terminology I use is the same as a Espiritista. They know how to communicate and work the spirits of both good and bad. Espiritstas are in the same boat as the Muertero as far as I’m concerned. To me they are two different names for the same type of person. The lines blur depending on ones beliefs or background in the areas and knowledge of spiritism.

What are the differences between the two and their practices, if any? Just as of recent Im hearing the Boveda versus the Voveda…which is interesting. I personally communicate and work my muertos at my Boveda. It is a place for both in my eyes and practice.

What exactly is “real” espiritismo, in your opinion? Real espiritsmo in my eyes is ANY form of spiritualism. Be it Asian Crossed/influenced, African, Irish, and or anything else. It communicating with spirits and learning how to work with them in all aspect if not some.

Real espiritismo is how you and your guides interact with each other. I think that the faith that you have on what you have is what will work for you. Real espiritismo/mediumship is an open book depending how you was taught to practice it. I don’t think it has a beginning or an end it has the basic tools you need to start like prayers boveda etc… but then from there is how and why your guides want you to do it.

My guides could tell me that I need a machete covered in 9 colors cinta above my door for my protection and to cut negativity out.. but I can’t go to your house and tell you that the scissors you have above the door is wrong because that is for your protection and how your guides told you they needed the door protected.