World of Warcraft Profession Guide – Inscription 1-450

With the upcoming patch to WoW the profession Inscription will be added. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this new profession. What will it add to the game? Will it be similar to enchanting? How can I level it? Do I need to stockpile materials? All of these questions I am about to answer for you.

First of all, Inscription will be allowing crafters to create Glyphs and Scrolls. These can be used to add effects to your character or abilities. For example, you may be able to add resistances or increase your magic damage effects. A known example is to have a mage’s fireballs do periodic damage on impact as well as doing direct damage.

In some regards Inscription will be similar to enchanting only in that would will be adding magical effects to items. One big difference is that Inscription will allow you to sell the scrolls you create in the auction house.

As far as stockpiling mats is concerned, you should start now! It seems that Inscription will be using a lot of herbs as its base mats. These herbs will be milled to create pigments that are then used with different parchments to create scrolls. To give you an idea of how many herbs you are going to need lets look at what is known. You will need a stack of 5 of the same herb in order to mill them. Out of a few stacks you may get a few pigments. So that means you will need a large stockpile of herbs just to create the basic materials.

By following a guide you will be able to eliminate a lot of the unnecessary material waste on inefficient scrolls. It should also help speed up the leveling time of the profession.